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Nez du Vin Wine Aromas

Taste depends very largely on our sense of smell. The tongue can only distinguish salt, sweet, bitter and sour and the rest depends entirely on our olfactory senses, in other words, our nose. For most people, our sense of smell - or at least our ability to put a name to different aromas - tends to be underdeveloped and Le Nez du Vin is designed to correct this by improving our recognition of the aromas found in wine.

Educational and fun, Le Nez du Vin consist of aromas in glass bottles of fruit, flower and spice that can be found in wine. Presented in a cloth covered book style box with a booklet of information and individual wine cards Le Nez du Vin is a complete wine tasting course.Le Nez du Vin can be used by both wine novice and professionals alike. There are 7 different Le Nez du Vin boxed sets to chose from.

Online Catalogue | Wine Tasting Tools |  Nez du Vin

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