Sabrage Sword

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Champagne Sabrage Sword

Champagne Sabrage Sword
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The French Cavalary would ride into battle with a bottle of Champagne to be enjoyed before the battle as a form of "Dutch" courage. The Cavalryman would draw his sword and with a deft flick of the wrist cut the neck of the bottle clean open. The cork, cage and bottle neck all come away as 1 piece and the exploding pressure of the Champagne forces away any shards of glass. A truly amazing sight to see to this day at Champagne houses as the cork flies a hugh distance and the spray is very impressive. This does take some practice and safety should be the first concern - whilst not razor sharp these swords can still remove finger tips and more!

This Champagne Sabre (use of which is known as Sabrage) has its own stone display stand.

Length = 415mm approx
Weight = 0.56kg without stand


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The Champagne Sabrage Sword opens bottles with flair.

Online Catalogue | Wine Tasting Tools |  Sabrage Sword

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