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Why use a Wine Decanter

Wine decanting can be used for 2 specific purposes : decanting seperates oxygenation of a young or tannic wine in order to release its aromas, or decanting enables the liquid to be separated from the sediment for an old wine or more often a vintage bottle of Port. Decanting also presents the wine in a clear glass or crystal receptacle which highlights the natural colours.

All our Decanters are hand-made by genuine craftsmen to the highest standards. Cleaning is of paramount importance and should be undertaken as soon as the decanter is empty to prevent staining. Our decanter cleaning brush is designed specifically to get into all the "nooks and crannies" whilst caring for the glass. Clean using mild soapy water and rinse thoroughly to prevent tainting the next wine. Never use boiling water as your decanter is liable to crack.

Placing a wine in a decanter "wakes up" and stimulates the wine so that it reveals the wines full and true personality.

Online Catalogue | Wine Decanting |  Wine Decanters

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